Who We Are

The GWL PLATFORM arose as an initiative from the first GLOBAL WOMEN LEADERS SUMMIT, to maintain continuity of the network that unites the world women leaders from five continents in the fields of politics, economy, diplomacy, entrepreneurship, journalism etc.

Participation in this unique platform is where prominent women leaders which with their work, experience role as a woman leader made their mark at the national, regional and international level, guide women business owners to grow and internationalize their business.


What We Do

Our primary goal is to establish an international dialogue to promote women's leadership and the creation of strategic policies for economic development.

We exist to support women creators of positive change in society through:

 · Global partnership

· Transfer of knowledge and experience

· Career Development

 Also, the platform emphasizes the inspirational role of women leader for future generations.



Our Mission


GLOBAL WOMEN LEADER PLATFORM mission is to build bridges and to radically accelerate the strengthening of the leadership skills of women through their participation in the platform. In a joint action to create higher common goals, to create new opportunities for greater attention and support of the woman leaders on global level.

Our Vision


Strenghten the Global Women Leaders Network through international trade and cooperation

About Us

29,000 members in 63 countries working together to improve the lives of women and girls.


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